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Indiana Dry Eye Syndrome | Fort Wayne Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome

Causes and Treatment

Tear production normally decreases with age. Dry eyes can also be associated with arthritis, use of certain medications, and allergies.

Replacing natural tears with artificial tears or ointments is the basis of treatment. Artificial tears are available without prescription and may be used as often as necessary, only once a day, or as often as several times an hour. Ointments are used primarily before bed. Other treatment options include over the counter flax seed oil tablets, punctal occlusion, and Restasis, a prescription eye drop for dry eyes.

The Eye Center of Fort Wayne will be happy to provide a list of recommended artificial tears and ointments for you as well as treatment options.

Click here to learn more about Dry Eye Syndrome.

Lasik Exp
The Exam
I was very happy to hear that this surgery gave me a chance to get rid of my glasses but I wanted to know my chances for success. Once I found out that 98% of all lasik patients see 20/20 or better I decided that This would work for me.
Once I scheduled my exam I was a bit nervous about whether I would be a candidate. Once I had made my decision I would have been angry if I did not qualify. After speaking with the doctors they determined I was an excellent candidate for the procedure due to my nearsightedness.
I was nervous on the surgery day and I guess this is normal. I was concerned about the metal device holding my lids back but it did not hurt at all. I really felt nothing but just saw some red and green light masses that were blurry.
My procedure went great and I am happy to say that I was better than 20/20 in both eyes 1 day after surgery. My vision was a bit cloudy from all of the drops after surgery but this was reduced the next morning when I awoke to find a very clear and defined apartment. At my 1 day visit I could see leaves on the trees in a very detailed fashion. Almost like I had never seen it before.
My vision has been excellent after surgery. I have no complaints only a great thanks to the wonderful doctors at Fort Wayne Eye Center, who gave me the vision correction procedure of a lifetime.
my concerns
the exam
day of surgery
the procedure


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